• A can of a beer with a yellow label on it.
  • A can of beer and a can of peanuts on a table.
  • A can of beer is being poured into a glass.
  • A glass of beer next to a can of beer.
  • A can of rice peaner sitting on top of a pile of peas.
Photos: Nicole Hansen
Two beer bottles in a yellow circle. Untappd Logo


5.2% ABV | 4×16 oz.

Collaboration with Long Beach Beer Lab

Last year a pair of Levis collided as the mad geniuses behind Untitled Art and Long Beach Beer Lab came together in SoCal to craft a truly unique and CRISPY pils with puffed rice and garbanzo beans. We didn’t want the Untitled Art Collective to feel left out so we decided to brew our own version to share with the masses.

Heaps of puffed rice add a subtle sweetness while garbanzo beans(?!) contribute a mild earthy note and amplified body. Hüll Melon hops bring fruity notes of honeydew and berry to this easy-drinking certified #crispyboi. Sometimes beans and rice are twice as nice.

JUNE 2023

Untitled art by heather holland.





Heather Hailstones

Heather Hailstones is a self-taught artist who began painting in 2017 as a form of therapy for stress and anxiety. Painting quickly grew from a hobby to a serious passion and she began selling and exhibiting her work in 2019. She primarily uses acrylic paint, soft pastels, and drawing tools like pencils and charcoal to create visually busy paintings with lots of small details and many layers of paint. Her pieces often include found objects and collage elements as well…..