Heather Hailstones

A woman with blue hair standing in front of a pink and blue wall.

Heather Hailstones is a self-taught artist who began painting in 2017 as a form of therapy for stress and anxiety. Painting quickly grew from a hobby to a serious passion and she began selling and exhibiting her work in 2019. She primarily uses acrylic paint, soft pastels, and drawing tools like pencils and charcoal to create visually busy paintings with lots of small details and many layers of paint. Her pieces often include found objects and collage elements as well. Influenced by artists like Frank Bowling, Helen Frankenthaler and Grace Hartigan, she uses gestural and action painting techniques and a lot of color to create vibrant works that reflect the inner workings of her mind. Much of Heather’s work is inspired by her struggles with her mental health. She has developed her own visual language representative of her anxieties, fears, desires, and dreams.


Heather’s Works