• A can of red velvet cake with a fork next to it.
  • A plate with a red velvet cake and a can of beer.
  • A can of red velvet beer with a slice of cake next to it.
Photos: Nicole Hansen
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11.7% ABV | 4×12 oz.

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of exotic new beers released by all of our brewing friends out there, but every now and then something truly outstanding lands. This Pastry Stout pours a rich 🩸blood red🩸 hue with a rosé-colored head with lacing to match. Red Velvet Cake Pastry Stout is a culmination of all the tricks we’ve learned in over 6 years of innovating in the pastry stout space. We added cocoa nibs for rich 🍫chocolate cake🍰 flavor, toasted coconut🥥 to create a cream cheese frosting sensation, and beet juice for striking visual impact. Its velvety decadence approaches perfection. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do.🍻


An abstract painting of red and black squares.





Kimberly Burnett

Art is not something Kimberly chooses to make. It has always been as natural as breathing to her. Life is chunks of color and smears of light and it is this experience that she hopes to convey on canvas. She would like people to look at her art and feel the full breadth of what it is to be human…