Sam Green

A man holding up a glass of beer.

Became immersed in the world of brewing since early years of college. Started professionally brewing at the age of 20 but most formative years were spent in Colorado. “I’m the type of person that loves constantly trying or attempting new things, specifically as a child I remember, I would make sure and get every kind of dipping sauce & combine/mix to see how the flavors play on each other.” Has been brewing for Untitled since inception and written all our recipes since Untitled’s debut with Juicy. “I relish the process in taking a concept & seeing it transpire all the way through; from grain to glass with a hyper-focus on the artistic side of these creations, be that both what’s on the label & in the liquid. It also helps being on part of a team that’s working cohesively together to attempt to have the consumer have an experience and appreciation of the design at the heart of their beverage consumption.” He is also an outdoor enthusiast.

Sam’s Favorites

An image of a can of beer with a pink and white pattern.
An image of a can of ice cream with sprinkles on it.
A can with a green and white swirl on it.