• A can of cabin's twisted brew sits on a table.
  • A beer is being poured into a can.
  • A glass of beer next to a can of beer.
Photos: Nicole Hansen
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7.3% ABV | 4×16 oz.

We went back to the lab with our pals from north of the border to play around once again with one of the more exciting new ingredients to hit the brewing scene – Cosmic Punch thiolized yeast from Omega Yeast. This innovative new yeast is engineered to unlock deeply tropical aromatic thiol compounds from the malts and hops in a beer and is perfectly-suited to a big juicy IIPA like this one.

The Cosmic Punch yeast brings out intense notes of passion fruit, guava and grapefruit while generous additions of Citra, Ella and El Dorado hops bring more citrus, pineapple and spice notes to the party. We’ve had fun experimenting with this exciting new brewing technology and can’t wait to see where the liquid science takes us next!

MARCH 2023

A purple, orange, and green abstract design.








A lifelong fascination with colour, texture and form inspire his ideas, most of which are rooted in abstraction.
A preoccupation to isolate small unique elements in the world around us that usually remain unnoticed has led him
to create new compositions highlighting their beauty and intricacies.
In the last 10 years or so, Mark has embraced technology in the creation of his art and this has led him to meld traditional to digital media in his work…