• A can of a fruity drink next to a piece of fruit.
  • A person pouring a drink into a can of fruit.
  • A can of passion fruit beer with a glass of water next to it.
Photos: Nicole Hansen
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7.0% ABV | 4×16 oz.

Tart ripe raspberry and juicy, tropical passionfruit join forces in this kettle sour ready for spring and summer sipping. Raspberry puree brings the pucker and deep ruby color while aromatic passionfruit brings a balancing sweetness and aromatics evoking exotic locales.

APRIL 2022

A watercolor painting with pink, purple and yellow colors.


Stephenie Purl Hamen

Stephenie Purl Hamen is a mixed media artist, working across surfaces and mediums, often mixing and merging them together. She has an evolving style, currently focused on abstraction. Her use of colorful paints and intricate geometries is something that she carries across all of her works…