• A can of a drink with a floral design on it.
  • A can of pineapple beer next to a pineapple.
  • A beer is being poured into a can next to pineapples.
  • Two cans of pineapple beer with a glass next to them.
Photos: Nicole Hansen
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7.6% ABV | 4×16 oz.

All hail the Sultan of Swig! With our latest hazy IPA release we wanted to feature a bold newer hop varietal called Sultana, bursting with bright pineapple🍍, citrus🍊 and pine🌲notes. And you know we couldn’t just leave it there, so we splashed in a generous dose of fresh pineapple juice to amplify the tropical flavors of the hops and complement the hazy body. Strap on your shades😎 and enjoy this liquid sunshine in a can!🌞

APRIL 2023

An abstract painting of pineapples and leaves.





Noelle Miller

Noelle Miller is an abstract painter living and working in Fort Collins, Colorado. After graduating from CSU with a BFA in drawing, she focused on traveling and dove into her work with a newfound inspiration for the world around her. Noelle’s work stems from an interest in emotion and the manifestation of energy within everyday life…