• A can of cosmic punch with a space background.
  • A beer is being poured into a glass with a space background.
  • A can of a beer with a space background.
Photos: Nicole Hansen
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8.0% ABV | 4×16 oz.

Prepare yourself for a rocket ship ride to the outer limits of modern IPA flavor with our Cosmic Punch IPA! We’ve combined some of our favorite juicy hop varietals including Cryo Citra and, of course, Galaxy with an exciting new yeast strain with out of this world flavor. Cosmic Punch yeast uses a technique called Thiolization that “biotransforms” compounds locked inside the malts and hops used in the beer into volatile thiols bursting with grapefruit, passion fruit and guava aromatics. It may not be rocket science, but this new yeast allows us to use hop varietals that we know and love in our Hazy IPAs and throttle up the tropical fruit character to infinity and beyond. Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride!🚀


A watercolor painting of nebulas and stars.


Stephenie Purl Hamen

Stephenie Purl Hamen is a mixed media artist, working across surfaces and mediums, often mixing and merging them together. She has an evolving style, currently focused on abstraction. Her use of colorful paints and intricate geometries is something that she carries across all of her works…