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Photos: Nicole Hansen
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5.5% ABV | 4×16 oz.

Sweet and sour spring flavors are in full bloom with our latest fruited sour release! The classic pairing of sweet, subtle blueberry🫐 and bright, tart lemon conjures flavors of light and fluffy baked treats, fresh-squeezed backyard beverages or a frosty scoop of berry-topped lemon sorbet in your glass. A lemony love letter to liquid leisure.

MAY 2023

Blueberry Lemon Cream


Leo Salazar

Leo Salazar is an abstract painter, sculptor and photographer who lives and works in Madison, WI. He was born in Chicago, the son of Mexican immigrants. The family came to settle in Madison but his parents would later be deported. Leo’s mother played a key role in encouraging and nurturing his creativity, which became a powerful source of healing and strength during the family’s upheaval. Leo’s approach to his work is open yet very driven. He combines his formal art training with self-taught methods…