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Photos: Nicole Hansen
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5.5% ABV | 4×16 oz.

With the wide variety of innovative beverages made by Untitled Art, it can be hard to chose what to sit down with at the end of a long week. Treat yourself with a decadent pastry stout? How about a fruit-loaded sour or hard seltzer or a double dry-hopped hazy IPA? Maybe a tropical vodka smoothie cocktail? It can be overwhelming. For those times you’re just craving – for lack of a better term – an old-fashioned BEER beer, we’ve crafted a crushable lager with a light, crisp body and moderately hoppy finish called, well…Beer Beer!

The first in a new series of thirst-quenching pilsners with international influences, Beer Beer American Pilsner comes in at a sessionable 5.5% abv and a classic American pilsner profile elevated with a blend of heritage Hallertau and Middlefruh and modern Strata hops, for a bright, clean palate and lightly herbal/fruity finish.

If a Chocolate Churro Stout or Cherry A La Mode Sour feels a little too rich for your blood, grab a 4-pack of Beer Beer and let the refreshment take you to the backyard barbeque of your dreams.


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Beth Swanson

Beth is an abstract artist living and working in Chicago. While she considers herself a long time artist, she only started consistently showing her work in 2017 and thinks of herself as emerging. Beth attempted to take her love for art into more commercial mediums and started her career in advertising in her 20s. She then started her own graphic design studio that catered to non profit organizations and charities. She has lived in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Delhi, India…