• A can of anthony's dark chocolate stout.
  • A beer is being poured into a can.
  • A glass of dark beer next to a can of chocolate.
Photos: Nicole Hansen
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14.9% ABV | 2×16 oz.

It’s close to Midnight, and something tasty’s lurking in the dark! We’re THRILLED to have had the chance to collaborate with our dessert stout loving brothers from another mother at @angrychairbrewing on this barrel aged edition of one of our favorite pastry stouts from 2021. The rich chocolate, caramelized brown sugar and gooey Belgian candi syrup of the original have been tempered with over 15 months in bourbon barrels lending a mellow oaky finish with a mild spirited heat courtesy of its extended stay. We love how this decadent liquid dessert responded to it’s wooded slumber and hope you’ll share a can or two with someone sweet.🍻


A painting with a black ribbon and a brown background.





Raeyn Smith

Raeyn Smith is a visual storyteller, using many types of materials to create the illustrated narrative of her work. Focusing on a blend of nature-inspired elements and intuitive, abstract art Raeyn enjoys blending many different styles and processes to achieve the desired outcome of each piece….