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Photos: Nicole Hansen
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Barrel-Aged American IMPERIAL STOUT

Collaboration with

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15.7% ABV | 22 oz. bottle


You read that right.




No pastry ingredients. No dessert homage. Just pure unadulterated rich bourbon barrel stouty goodness with notes of cocoa, coffee, vanilla and oak courtesy of malt and 18 months in the barrel. Brewed in support of our high-end boot-loving friends at Stitchdown for their @stitchdownbootcamp event celebrating all things leather footwear.


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Natasha Patel

Natasha Patel is a self-taught abstract artist based out of Southern California. Growing up she was most fascinated by the energetic expressionism of Jackson Pollock and the underlying feminism portrayed by the flowers of Georgia O’Keefe.
She uses fluid acrylics, alcohol and acrylic inks, sand, and more recently epoxy resin to create abstract paintings that are bold in color and vibrant in composition. In her recent works, she has been heavily influenced by the patterns and structures found in nature and the universe. She is currently working to combine these into one cohesive abstract style playing on all influences…