Tyler Geel

A man in glasses sitting on the floor in front of a painting.

Tyler is a large canvas abstract acrylics artist living in Portland Oregon with his wife, three kids and a Boxer-Whip dog. While art is his passion project, Tyler’s day job is owning and operating a thriving family of coffeeshops and coffee roastery called Insomnia Coffee Company that focuses on excellent product, community building and fostering creative culture. He holds a Bachelors in Business/Marketing and spent many years on the road traveling with Musical Theater groups before settling in Oregon and is honored to serve on the Boards of the Washington County Chamber and the Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets.

Tyler’s approach to painting is to bring beauty, generosity and romanticism to canvas to stir positive, inspirational emotions with the use of mark-making, drips, color combinations and dramatic brush strokes. Showcasing his work in local galleries, businesses and city buildings, he sees his work as a catalyst for community connection. And he believes that we can ALL use a little iridescent gold in our lives…