Liubov Szwako / Triangulador

A young man standing in front of a colorful graffiti wall.

Liubov Szwako “Triangulador” is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist who enjoys experimenting with spontaneous ideas using diverse and non-traditional items as a canvas. Born and raised in Mexico City with a Russian heritage, he moved to Madison, Wisconsin in his early 20s. Inspired by the immediate, expressionistic qualities of graffiti, Liubov found an outlet for his creative energy by spray painting old mattresses. Liubov began painting other found objects and developed a distinctive visual vocabulary consisting of geometric shapes, bold lines, and vivid colors. Liubov is perpetually fascinated with new mediums and surfaces. You will find his work on anything from discarded curbside furniture, fine works, and large-scale murals and paintings.


Liubov ‘s Works