Bari Wieselman Schulman

A woman holding up a chalkboard with a drawing on it.

Bari is a modern abstract painter and mixed-media artist obsessed with unique juxtapositions, language, and pushing boundaries with color, contrast, and texture. a divergent thinker with an intuitive and experimental process, Bari’s work challenges us to see things differently. immersive journeys that delve deeply into the interplay between the mental and the physical, her work provokes an openness to intensity and exploration of the fluid relationship between what we see and feel and our evolving experience and sense of self.

Chicago-born + rooted in Madrid, Bari received a PHD in Psychology from the University of Chicago and spent many years in the design world working at the intersection of brands, products, and the humans who use them. her background in language and behavior provides a unique window into the relationships between people, objects, and spaces, and is a critical frame of reference for her work.

Always a creative and a creator, Bari eventually shifted away from the business of design to dedicate herself fully to her artwork. The formalization of her practice as an artist (and her studio as an object in the world) enables her to articulate an infinitely flexible space in which she can freely create (anything) and connect with those who seek out the bold, the vivid, the colorful, the evocative, the intense, the thought-provoking, the dialogic, the extraordinary…

Bari has shown her work with Saatchi’s The Other Art Fair, The Art Center Highland Park, West End Gallery, Peninsula Art Center, Artsugar, and Woman Made Gallery, and received a Minted Independent Artist Day Jury Prize Award. She and her family and her studio are currently based outside Chicago.